November 14, 2008

Its' All In A Name...

To all my Shaquanda's, Laquitas, and Mojito's, your name in this world speaks volumes about you. Before you even go in for an interview, the person reading your resume has already started formulating their opinions about you. Now this is discriminatory but that is the world that we live in. I understand that people want unique names for their children but names that get them lost opportunities before they even know it, are just plain bad judgment.

I think parents need to take their time and think about the impact they want their child's name to have on them. President- elect, Barack Hussein Obama, had a Columbia and Harvard education that helped him out and the gift of gab, I don't know how many of us can say the same. We need to give our kids as much chances as possible to not be judged by starting off with simple names like Christopher, James and my all time favorite Sheila.

If you want something unique, change the way its' spelled but don't start putting days of the week together or your favorite make and model of your car. We need to start thinking about our children's' futures even before they are born. If Kristen Williams and Naquesha Mercedes Jenkins both applied for a job with equal qualifications, I think Kristen would get called for the interview first.

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