November 23, 2008

Cosmic Pull

Ever been with someone and feel like every attempt made to escape their grasp becomes a lost effort. No matter how unhealthy emotionally, you find yourself being sucked back into their black hole. It's a scary feeling, almost like you have no control over your own emotions and environment. I wonder what gives this person all this power?

Usually these kind of relationships are bad with a capital "B." The fact that you're trying to get away gives you that hint, but there is something about them, the words that they say, a kiss, a gentle touch, that erases all the bad...but only temporary. They are like a snickers when you're craving chocolate, a quick fix. They feel right, right now and then the memories start flooding in.

Some people like this kind of relationship, the more they push you away the more you fight for their love, in other situations you keep going back expecting that the person has changed, similar to doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results (definition of insanity). Other times you have no idea what it is that keeps pulling you back, almost like they have a voodoo spell on you.

To experience this is to understand the control that this person has over you. When you finally do break away, it feels as if the world has been lifted off your shoulders. You wonder to yourself what you were thinking. Its' never okay to let someone have this muh control but yet you allowed them too. I'm never one to say not to put your whole heart into a relationship but I would say that the person you are giving it to, should be deserving.


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