November 1, 2008

Is Anyone Unlovable?

During my time in Georgia, my girlfriends and I went to the movies and watched "The Secret Life of Bees." You can only imagine the buckets of tears shed with four woman watching a movie like It was embarrassing but anyway the movie was fantastic. It was one line in the movie in particular that struck a chord with my heart though.

Dakota Fanning's character tells Queen Latifah's character that she feels she is "unlovable." Imagine a fourteen year old girl believing that there is no one in this world that loves her,or ever will, not even her mother or father. I thought about all the people in this world who share her same feelings. The little girls getting raped by their family members, the little boy wishing he had a father to play ball with.

Its a sad thought. I cried because I had moments when I felt the same way when I was in my destructive relationship. Moments where I thought no man could ever love me because of the behavior of one and its not a pleasant feeling. I wonder how many of us destroy ourselves because of that fact alone.

No matter our circumstances, I believe there is ultimately one source of love that is relentless, enduring and satisfying, God's love for us. His love climbs all mountains and when I feel in the dumps I know that he's always there for me. Believing in his love never steers me wrong. We are all lovable in God's eyes.

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Anonymous said...

Amen girl. This would be a good topic to talk about with teens,or young adults. In today's society we tend to forget that these kids need all of our love and attention. Some parents work so hard to provide for their families that they forget the small things such as I love you or a good night kiss which means so much at that age. Even spending 2 minutes to see how things are going is good enough for these kids.
As long as you keep believing in God, He will never let you down nor stop loving you. Regardless of your religion, always keep good faith. GOD will always be there even when noone else seems to care.