November 7, 2008

Enough is Enough

Its sad when I see beautiful woman who have so much going for themselves allow a man to destroy them mentally, emotionally and sometimes physically. I understand being in love, I understand that sometimes we fall hard but to allow someone to tear you down has to come to an end at some point. No one should have the power to change the course of your day. Its enough that some men could care less about how they treat you but then to give them pleasure of seeing you down and out just adds more fuel to the fire.

Some men enjoy seeing women cry over them, it gives them a sense of importance. I have certainly learned some valuable lessons and one of them includes never allowing someone to have that much control over you. A man does what he does and keeps it moving, no thought about who he hurts in the process, and we as women should know when enough is enough. If you're crying more than you are happy, its' enough. If every moment of your day is spent wondering who hes' with and what hes' doing, its enough. If you start doubting who you are than enough is enough.

I was talking to a guy the other day who was trying to get me to go out with him and hes' reasoning was that, time is of the essence and if I sit around waiting for someone I may miss out on all the other wonderful opportunities that may be passing me by. Time is valuable and as it passes moments are lost and parts of your life are left empty and without meaning because you allow someone to steal your sunshine. Its' not worth it and he certainly is not worth it.


Anonymous said...

lol lol lol lol you hit all the right spots lol. I would love to meet that guy he seems to undertsand.

Slymnsexxy said...

You got that right, hes on the ball!