November 19, 2008

Can You Be Friends With Your Ex?

There are ex's you can be friends with and their are ex's you don't want to touch with a 10 foot pole. Personally, I feel after having indulged all your personal information to this person and sharing some of your most intimate moments with them its' pratical that you remain friends. They already know everything about you so there's no need to have to go through all the motions of getting to know them or vice versa.

Now there are situations which warrant you cutting them off permanently. For instance, if your ex is still madly in love with you and finding anyway possible to ruin future possibilities with someone else, then they have to go. That's a stalker ex, you don't want them in your life, they are just trouble. If you had an ex who was abusive to you, emotionally or physically, they don't deserve your friendship. A friend wouldn't try to hurt you. Lastly, if you still have feelings for you ex, don't even begin to fool yourself. You are just setting yourself up for heartbreak.

But these decisions are not only about you, if you are involved in a current relationship, your new love may not appreciate your lingering ex, so you have to be mindful of their feelings as well. I think its' a sign of maturity to realize that a relationship will not work, to move beyond that and remain friends if possible. If not than turn the page onto a new chapter.


poster said...

i agree totally... me peroannaly im freinds with all my ex's... but heres the reall question...

should you still have pictures of ur ex in your phone,photo album ..etc

Slymnsexxy said...

pictures of the ex. old cards are unacceptable. that is where you have to draw the line. dinner dates and movies out of the you doing how you been all good lol