November 23, 2008

Guys FYI

Hey guys, looking for some great gifts for your honey for the holidays? Well check out some of these gifts that she may just love...

1) Personally, I love the Casio Baby G watches. Their affordable, sleek and durable. They also come in lots of different colors and styles to suit your babes personal style.

2) Does she love perfume, well than get her a bottle of "Flowerbomb" by Viktor and Rolf. A wonderful fragrance that will have her smelling good and you....well you

3) If your ladies wallet looks a hot mess, how about a Coach wallet. Don't fret about the price, when you go to purchase ask for the presale price, with the holidays coming up you'll save a pretty penny and she'll be "loving you long time."

4) Not concerned about the price tag, well than a diamond is a woman's best friend. A pair of diamond studs gives her some ice without the snow.

5) And last but not least, what every woman wants for the Give her a little more of your time. Catch a Broadway Christmas show and get a bite to eat, and make sure you seal it with a kiss :)


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