October 28, 2008

Your Ex, My New Boyfriend?

The verdict is in, I conducted a poll asking my readers if it was okay to date a friend's ex and the results were unanimous....No! I think that dating an ex of my friends is just unethical for several reasons. First, you have to imagine every time that you're with that person that what you're doing with them your friend did as well and you have to wonder who he thinks is doing it better (if you get what I mean.) At times that comparison is just too much to bear.

Secondly, you never really know if the ex's feelings for you or genuine or them trying to get back at your friend. They could have intentionally picked you to pay back some hurt feelings that they are dealing with. You could just be playing a pawn in the game of chess and you're not even aware of it.

Thirdly, friendship that is deeply rooted should never cross those lines. Ex's are just suppose to be off limits because...their suppose to be! If you suddenly have the hots for my ex, I have to assume that those feelings were there way before he and I broke up, which leads me to think all the times I cried to my friend about my ex and she was the first to tell me to leave him, what were her real intentions? All in all, I think these may be one of those situations that test the authenticity of a friendship. I think a real friend knows whats acceptable and what is not!


Da Hunni Toya said...

im with you on this

studadon said...

LMAO!!!! I have to agree with you on this one. Dating your friend's ex was cool back in 4th grade but not as an adult.... That just makes for a really weird situation.... BTW welcome back! Your loyal fans missed you. Lol!

Slymnsexxy said...

Thanks Studadon, I'm here for you guys!!!

Anonymous said...

Welcome Back, was still checking while you were gone to see if you got bored and posted anything. lol lol,lol.
I AGREE leave your friend's EX alone. Respect your friends and your relationships with them. Dont risk your friendship for a relationship that might not last anyway because, if it was that good they would still be together.

poster said...

sometimes ur friends ex look so good..lol
slymn that should be ur next blog... what do you do when ur friends girl friend hits on you