October 21, 2008

Celebrity of The Week

Oh yes, I love me some Denzel, who doesn't? Women and men alike are intrigued by this man. He has an air about him. MARRIED 25 years to the same woman and has never fallen off of his game. His movies are riveting, his performances stellar, and you just can't get enough of the "Denzel look", ladies know what I'm talking about. His "swag" on point, watch him as he walks away...lol. I must say if I died and came back as a male actor, it would have to be him, or Morgan Freeman in his younger days.


Da Hunni Toya said...

Yup he's a good man
Men should take notes from him

Anonymous said...

I could not have agreed more. He is a leading example of what every man should follow. He is good man, cares for his family and RESPECTS his wife.You hit it right on the nail. LOL LOL LOL

Poster said...

I am not going to bury my son, my son is going to bury me