October 5, 2008

Do Long Distance Relationships Work?

I've never been a proponent of long distance relationships until recently. What it really boils down to is quality vs. quantity. The amount of time you spend with some is not as important as the quality of time. What is that you do when you guys spend time together? Is there constant bickering or are you sharing laughs with each other. Are you upset because you haven't seen each other or are you glad to have them in your presence, to hug and hold.

I think long distance relationships are more dependent on how mature the two individuals are. If there is an understanding about the reasons for the distance and the two agree about the fact that it is not permanent than its easier to handle. Some long distance relationships last because there is an opportunity for people to miss one another. When they finally do get a chance to see each other, they express all of the joy that they have been holding inside. Sometimes it may not work and people harbor bad feelings usually based on of lack of attention. Either way whats' most important is if you've found someone that makes you happy in distance or in closeness thats' something that must be nutured, no matter how many miles seperate you.


Da Hunni Toya said...

So True

Tray said...

"outta sight, outta mind" is the first statement that comes to my mind when I hear long distance relationship. I believe that they can probably last but may don't because it's for an extended about of time. Long distance only can only last for so long.

Slymnsexxy said...

I think he really depends on how much you care about that person, but I feel you distance is a probably especially if you're an attention seeker...like me...lol