October 27, 2008

Thank God for Sanity

Working in a Psychiatric unit has taught me many valuable lessons. The most important...thank God for my sanity. To understand "craziness" is to see someone live it everyday of their lives. To have no control over your emotions, or thoughts is not a pleasant feeling.

Before working in a psych unit, I used the word crazy very loosely. Everyone was crazy to me but mental illness is nothing like I thought it would be. I've had moments of hysterics, anger and sadness at work. When I see a 19 year old with newly diagnosed Schizophrenia, I already know in which direction his life is going to go. When I meet a person who has borderline personality disorder, I know by then end of the night I'll be pulling out my hair, and my favorite patient, I'll call her RM, was a model in the 70's, so she says, and she can fit all of my clothes even though I'm a 2 and she's a 10...lol.

What we have to be thankful for is our sanity. The ability to make decisions and not have your thoughts control you is a luxury. Not feeling suicidal or attempting to kill yourself is a luxury. Not feeling so depressed that getting out of bed for days at a time eludes you is a luxury. We all have our moments in life when the chips are down but just imagine those who don't have the support you have, or the insight to make decisions which are conducive to your life. Again, be grateful that you're on the outside of the padded walls.

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