October 1, 2008

Miss Independent

I remember a time when a womans' place was in the kitchen, this has surely become a thing of the past. More and more woman are now careeer women. Working, going to school and taking care of "house and home." You would think that men would appreciate this change in roles, especially since the burden of taking care of the family is now shared but I have many male friends who don't find this as inviting as I expected.
The view that is held is that a man is suppose to be a man and in order to feel that way he must feel needed. I agree with part of this argument. Everyone wants to feel needed but I think what you're needed for is the bigger question. If a woman needs you for your money or financial support, well than there's always someone who makes more money than you. On the contrary, if she needs you for the emotional support that you provide her, now that's a whole different story. An emotional attachment to an individual is greater than any other.
For instance, when a woman cheats on a man, in a large majority of cases its' because there is something lacking. She finds a connection to someone else who provides her with attention or a semblence of a loving relationship. Women are more emotionally driven.
So I asked my friend the other day if he would marry a woman who makes more money than him and his reply was "Hell no." I laughed at first but after thinking about it, I said to myself "hes' a damn fool." One of the most critical factors in a marriage is financial stability. When two people are providing to suppport the home, you have just eliminated one factor for divorce. People don't realize how much money can tear people apart. I say if a woman is willing to help foot the bill, the less money you have to spend on her and the more priceless pleasantries you can afford her, like your love and affection.

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