October 4, 2008

Manners at the Doctor's Office

Today I decided to go to my Doctor after a week of dizzy spells. It took a lot to get me there since I am a chicken when it comes to seeing Doctor's. The demographics are everyone above 60 except for me. Seems my PCP serves the "aged." I walked in and everyone looked at me like I was crazy and I in return, shrunk into a seat in the corner and began reading my book. As I sat in the office for four hours, people came in and out and did something I didn't do and the younger generation rarely do. They greeted everyone as they came in with a good morning and have a good day as they walked out the door. The men gave up seats to women when they walked in if there was no space and someone even offered water as we waited.

Seems the older generation has a feel for manners. In this day and time its hard for a pregnant woman to even get a seat on the bus and at work I find people walk in to start a new shift and address no one on staff. I think I was raised with manners although I didn't utilize them on this particular morning. Its rare to find people who say thank you when you hold the door, or apologize if they bump into you just a little too hard for your liking. I think those are just common courtesies. I don't have any children but my nieces are my guinea pigs. I tell them all the time, you say please and thank you. No one is obliged to do anything for you, so you must show them gratitude when they do.
I may not have learned anything new at the Doctors office today but I did see manners in action.


studadon said...

Manners can take you a long way in this world, but it's so tough for people to be cordial with others, especially in large cities. I've seen the effect of this, living in NYC and living in a small town in Arkansas. There is much more incentive to be kind in the small family feel town, than the cramped and aggressive vibe of NYC.... Cool blog Bones, keep up the good work, and represent for us Scorpios.


Slymnsexxy said...

Thanks Earle for commenting. I feel the same way you feel, small towns are much different than big cities. People actually let you cross the street...lol. I travel to Florida frequently and its a whole different world. I think people should still be courteous no matter what your home state.

Poster said...

it's nice to be important , but its more important to be nice

Slymnsexxy said...

Poster you are certainly correct.Niceness gets you everywhere ;o)