October 5, 2008

Does a Title Earn You Respect?

My title at my previous job was School-Age Program Coordinator. I was in charge of supervising 6 staff and aided in hiring and training new staff. The program catered to 65 school-aged children, which you can imagine was a tough job in itself. My director and I had a good relationship, there was a mutual respect for one another. When she got out of line I put her in check and that was our relationship...lol. Even though I had this title I always kept my self on the same level with all those I worked with and since I was the youngest of my co-workers it didn't take much to know my place. But when I had something to say it was heard and we worked as a team to get things done.I never felt my title made me better than anyone and people respected me even at my young age because I treated them with respect.

In a conversation I had with a friend years ago, he mentioned that he couldn't wait to get a title so that he could get respect. I didn't get this concept because respect is earned. People don't just say "hey I respect you because you're a doctor." You respect people because of their interactions with you and others. You respect people because they treat you like a human being, by acknowledging your feelings and not demeaning you. You respect people when their honest.

Now there's a difference between fear and respect and some people get the two confused. Many fear the NYPD but have little respect for them. Its my belief that those who seek titles to earn respect are misguided and probably have some issues when it comes to self-esteem. So make sure you get your respect the right way....by earning it!


Ms.Know It ALL said...

Yes! It's funny how people don't realize this. I can tell you about 1000 stories on this.

Slymnsexxy said...

Its' sad but true and I've seen my share that I wish I could just knock right off their pedestal!