December 4, 2008

Press Rewind...

If you had a remote that controlled your life, what things would you change, if anything at all. Some people I wish I could have fast forwarded and had in my life now, when I'm older and would have appreciated them more. There are moments that I wish I could take back like those times when I say the first thing that comes to my mouth without actually thinking about it. How I hate those moments, those I beat myself up about over and over again.

I wish sometimes I could pause moments in my life. Those moments you wish would last forever. When life seems too perfect and you know there is no choice but for it to end. If I only I could make them last longer. I guess with the advance of age you start realizing when you're in those moments, instead of hindsight vision. You appreciate them while they're occurring. I still take some things for granted at times but I'm learning to live for now.

That's the most important thing about enjoying life, is living in the here and now so you don't have to press rewind. When you live each day fully and with the understanding that those moments are lost the second they have past, you get the most out of everything you do. A second wasted on anger, or self pity cannot be replaced instead love yourself unconditionally, love those you love unconditionally, laugh out loud, smile through the hurt, appreciate that friend who makes everything better. Appreciate the sunset and sunrise, the rain, the flowers, the smell of air (no matter how bad it is, you're breathing) Take nothing for granted.

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