December 19, 2008

Kanye West

Does anyone else think that Kanye West is on a verge of a break down like I do?808's and Heartbreaks is a great album but it is dark and filled of yearning for something lost. I think he hasn't dealt with his mother's death fully and is internalizing all his hurt. As pictured above, Kanye was once a dapper dude. He made fashion statements, now he's making fashion faux pas. I am not liking the new hair or wardrobe. I think Mr. Kanye needs to invest some money in therapy sessions before he ruins his fabulous career.


Livefromthebar said...

nah I think your wrong.. I don't think he's on a verge of a break down .. Kanye prides himself on being innovative and trend setting.. I think he's just trying something new constantly recreating himself. he tried that preppy look and then every body jumped on it... so now he's in his geeky awkward

Slymnsexxy said...

I don't know this is huge jump to the other side and the fact that it comes after all this drama with his mom and breaking up with his fiance leads me to believe that he's taking things kind of hard. but hey you may very well be correct, he has always been a different kind of guy.