December 19, 2008

Will Smith - No Longer Fresh Prince of Bel Air

Well, well, well, it seems Will Smith has really moved up the totem pole. First of all his attire is flawless, he is the new "Poster Child" for men's wear. This is how you do it fellas take note. Not only is his style on point, he has made a name for himself in Film and Music. His acting skills are ranked with the best of the best, I do believe him and Denzel should do a collaboration, it's only fair to us. He has also been personally selected by President Barack Obama to play him if a movie were, and I'm sure will, be made of him. Kudos to Will Smith for making it from the streets of Philly, to the homes of millions in America! (btw- if you look at his shoes closely, you'll notice they match his sweater...OMG!


Livefromthebar said...

yea... Will Smith is the man... i don't think he ever did a movie i didn't like... well ever since he was just known as Will Smith

Slymnsexxy said...

I agree all the way. His performances have been stellar. I'm really proud of him, he has really diversified.

Livefromthebar said...

btw... his shoes doesnt match his sweater