December 16, 2008

The Last Child's Guilt

As I get closer to starting my new career, I have begun to think about the next step in my life. Moving out of my mothers' house. Traditionally in my culture a young woman wouldn't leave her mothers' house until she was getting married but I think that's one rule I may not follow. The problem is I'm starting to feel these bouts of guilt.

Being the "baby", I almost feel like I would be wrong to leave my mom all alone. As if I'm her whole world or The past 10 years has really been just my mom and I and to leave her I feel would be hard not only for her but for me as well. Its' not like I would be moving to the ends' of the world but she relies on me to do certain things. I mean we fight, oh gosh do we fight, our birthdays are 11 days apart so I am my mothers' child. I just couldn't imagine not having her bother me about why I take out my whole closet to select my outfit for the day.

I know that is it a part of moving on but I just get more and more anxious as the time approaches. Along side empty nest syndrome, psychologist should look into last child's guilt.

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