December 7, 2008

Who Do You Choose?

Some people get confused when they're in relationships and they have to choose between their significant other and their friends and guess what their shouldn't be a choice. Neither your friends or your significant other should ever ask you to choose between them because it is unfair.

Some relationships have a tug of war going on, when one person wants you to spend more time with them then the other but if your relationships are balanced their is no need for such conflicts. If that means hanging out with your girlfriends and your boyfriend, hey why not? Isn't it great to have all the people you love with you! I mean not in all circumstances is this feasible, everyone needs their own quality time but when it is possible, enjoy those moments.

That's' why one of the most important things when it comes to relationships is that your significant other and your friends get along. Usually your friends can give you a good reading on how great or bad a guy/girl she may be and even though at times we don't want to listen they are usually right. They can see the situation for what it is while you're looking at it through rose-colored glasses.

Some things you can do to keep everyone happy is have girl/guy's night out at least twice a month. With hectic lives its hard to see your friends all the time but its important to keep your friendships alive. As far as your significant other, date night is a must at least once a week, movies, dinner or even a dinner at home keeps the relationships fresh. Lastly, game night is always a hit, invite everyone over for games, food and drinks and enjoy all your loved ones.

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