December 23, 2008

New Year's Resolutions?!?

Every year we make resolutions to be these better, less weighty, more healthy, more exciting individuals and every year at the end we realize that we haven't made a quarter of the change we had hoped for. This year I'm resolving to make no more resolutions. I'm saying that everyday should be a progression and everyday I should want to be better than the day before.

We really shouldn't wait until the New Year to make some needed changes in our life. There are things that we need to work on constantly and consistently to improve. Waiting for a ball to drop and another year to pass shouldn't be the determining factor. I would hope that every new year brings more blessings and better situations but some of us get new years in august. Whenever life offers us another blessing it gives us a new start...isn't that what we subscribe to the New Year? A new start?

I say don't wait until December 31st to make changes. Make them now and make them as need be. If you need to switch jobs do it, If you need a new career, start looking, if he/she isn't the one then move on. A New Year just tells us that another has passed. Have you made the changes that you need to make, are you where you want to be? These are questions we can't wait to answer and questions we should be asking ourselves everyday. So enjoy your New Year, pop your champagne and welcome just another year of health and happiness.

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