January 10, 2009

Man "Trappers"

There are women who believe that the only way to keep a man is to trap him and they do this by getting pregnant. Its' immature to think that a man will be yours because you have a child. The only thing that is created is another strain on the relationship. Babies are not toys. You become responsible for another life and the choice to bring that life into the world should not be based on selfishness.

If a man is not willing to treat a woman right, regardless of the circumstances that will not change. He will not have an epiphany about your importance in his life nor will his lack of respect for you dissipate. Living under false pretense justs sets these women up for further heartache and that child up for parents who will resent each other.

Women especially need to change the way they view relationships. If a man doesn't want to be with you, the last thing you want is a permanent attachment to him, what you have gotten yourself is a permanent headache. Let it go and move on if he doesn't value your importance but don't assume that a child fixes what is already broken.

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