September 28, 2008

An Introduction I am on a Sunday morning bored and browsing the web. A friend of mine started a blog site so I decided to follow suit. I think I have relevant things to say and to share. At least I think so... so I start with Karma.

Karma is defined as an action or deed that causes an entire cycle of cause and effect. Take note of the word cycle. Something that repeats itself in nature. What we do causes a reaction which precipitates another action which eventually comes back to us in a cyclic fashion.

Interesting...that means what I do will eventually come back to me...correct? If we all lived our lives thinking about the consequences of our actions and how eventually those same actions will come back to haunt us or pay us back (in a good way), how would we choose to live our lives.

I was in a relationship for six years, where I attempted to explain this same idea to my boyfriend/ex fiance at the time. I kept hoping that he would understand that his actions affected me and eventually would affect him as well. Needless to say the lesson wasn't grasped and now regret is a monster that he lives with until this day.

I can only say that I try to live my life in a way that rewards me when it comes full circle. It doesn't hurt to be kind nor does it kill you to help those who you can help, especially if you have been blessed with special talents.

So I leave you with this, on this cloudy Sunday morning... "What goes around, comes back around"


Poster said...

hey .. slymn an sexxy .. i feel you .. karma is most definitely out there.. but you have to remember that there is good and bad karma.
do good things and good things will happened to you... but then i wonder...
if karma is inevitable ... is it even worth being good after you did something bad?
is karma reversible ? and if so how many good deeds does it take to erase one bad one..?

is karma indviualized ? meaning is it on a case by case basis or does it tally all the bad things you did and you get one big punishment as oppose to being punished for each abismal deed separately ?

I have a alot of questions... but as i learned in critical thinking class... i don't need the right answers... i only need to ask the right questions


Slymnsexxy said...

I hear you poster and honestly, the fact of the matter is good reaps good and bad reaps bad so the only question is which do you want to receive?