September 29, 2008

America As it Should Be

I don't know about you, but something is going on in our world and especially in our United States of America. Our values have changed, our economic status has changed and our standing in this world has definitely changed. Our economic crisis at this present time is daunting. Can you imagine that a country who was once among the richest is now taking loans?
I will not point blame, I will not say that the last eight years of presidency has put us in a grave that we must try hard to dig ourselves out of but I must say things must change. But most importantly we must be active participants in the solution to our problems. We can only blame ourselves when we are lackadaisical about going to a voting booth to cast a vote and I am the first to say that I am guilty of it.
Like my favorite president likes to say, "We are at a defining moment in history and we are the change we have been waiting for." Think about the world as it should be. Think about the world you want for your children and grandchildren. Our education system is lacking, our health care is sub par and our financial crisis is going to affect every single household, whether you believe or not. Its' time for a change people. Make your voice heard and go out and vote. Envision the world as it should be.


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Anonymous said...

You are so very true on this issue of how the world is being affected. When is "Change" coming. I think that change begins with the fortunate ones helping the less fortunate. On a broader scope, we need a determined leader. One willing to do whatever it takes to see America move from this ecomomic depressive state to a more liberated, self sufficient state, where we all can survive Comfortably. However, I am a firm believer that the strongest leader that any nation can depend on is GOD. With him, In him, Through him, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. -AMEN.

Slymnsexxy said...

I agree that we must help those who cannot help themselves. Its' the way the world should be but some people are very selfish with what they have. And of course above man is God and hopefully like he has done before he work through our next president to make this world a better place!