September 30, 2008

People of Purpose

I'm in class today and a classmate ask if I printed out my ATI test for psychiatry. (its just a practice test to see how you're doing in class) To my dismay, I realized that I had forgotten that today was the 30th and we had to hand in our test for a percentage of our grades. I was floored, literally and figuratively because I left it on the floor in my room. So here I go looking for a place to print out my test and unfortunately no one could help me. At that precise moment, when I felt like crawling into a hole, a friend of mine ask me what was wrong and I rambled on about my forgetfulness. Long story short, he takes me to his secret place of printing out papers.(the hospital library)
At that moment, I thought about the purpose of the people in my life. It seems I have good "luck" as some may say but I say I have good "favor." Seems God always puts the right people in my life at the right time and this is just one of those minuscule moments but nonetheless just as important.
I have genuine, humorous, loving, kind people in my life. My best friend happens to be one of them. She always says the right thing at the right time and has been there for me in some of my toughest moments. I happened to meet her at my last job, which I got by luck or favor I should say. I've made wonderful new friends at my current job and I only ended up there after deciding to leave my previous job after 7 years because I felt it was time to move on. (the moving on decision and the resignation letter happened all in the same day)
Anyway, my point is this, there is a purpose for those people in your life. Whether to make you laugh, or motivate to try new things or make you realize the type of people you don't want in your life. Understand their purpose in your life and appreciate them for who they are, whether good or bad. They are there for a reason!


Poster said...

awww thats good.. i can definitely relate to this. It reminds of that story about the great flood and the man stranded on a boat . passerby's kept trying to rescue him and shoed them all away because he was waiting for God to save him.. when he gets to heaven he ask God, how come you didn't save me... and God replied are you kidding i sent all those people to rescue .. well that what God does ... he sends people of purpose in all of our lives

Slymnsexxy said...

Great comparison Poster, now just imagine if that man understood the purpose of those passerbys, it would have saved him his