September 30, 2008

Dawn and Q

I don't know if anybody else watches "Making of The Band," but Dawn and Q make me sick! They are just too cute and they genuinely seem like they are in love with one another. Whats' even more interesting is that Q seems to have been the one to fall harder. Its' that kind of, make you want to puke if you were around them love. Its' going to be interesting to see how this turns out, hopefully for the best!


Patrick said...

Leave them alone, can people fall in love these days without some hate........ LMAO.

Happy for them, lets see if it last under the spotlight.

Diddy think he slick saving money on a video girl by putting her in the Day 26 video though.

Classic businessman.

Slymnsexxy said...

Lmao, I didn't even realize she was in the