March 7, 2009

Role Models...

I get a call from my older sister about 2 days ago asking me if Rihanna and Chris Brown got back together. Now I'm a little thrown off by this because my sister could care less about what goes on in the entertainment world, she lives in a world of her own. I reply, "Yes, I believe they are back together" and I hear creams into the phone. I pull the phone away from my ear, look at it like it's a monster and then go on to ask my sister what her problem is. She says we need to call my niece, Talhia, who is 15.

Now at this point I'm a little thrown off and I ask her why. She says to me that Rihanna has just given my niece an inappropriate view of what happens when a man puts his hand on you. It is unacceptable and therefore she is setting a poor example to young girls around the world. I have a totally different viewpoint. Rihanna, Chris Brown, Puff Daddy, nor Denzel Washington will ever be the example for my children. Celebrities are not role models, I repeat, celebrities are not Role models. They are people who are fortunate enough to have became famous and be rich and be plunged into the limelight whether they like it or not and guess what not all of them are good people to begin with.

There are tons of women who get beat every single day, they dust themselves off and continue on with their lives with their abusive spouses. Those are their choices to make and we don't control those decisions, nor do we control the decisions celebrities make. Rihanna is no different from that abused women, what's wrong with her is that she doesn't have the self worth to realize that a man has absolutely no right to lay his hands on you. That is the lesson to be taught to young girls everyday, not just when a celebrity figure gets a beat down from her boyfriend. Young girls need to know that they are valued, loved and cherished and deserved to be treated accordingly. These celebrities are human. So again, I reiterate celebrities are not role models, please be the example for those young impressionable minds that are in your presence don't allow the media to taint there vision.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you however, we must realize that these young girls do look up to these celebrities. Yes, she did send the wrong message if she indeed went back to him.
We must also realize that their relationship is like any other relationship and NOONE knows what took place in that car besides these two, so who are we to judge. I also hear that RIRI is not a saint herself.
I think the education starts at home. Mothers educate your boys not to lay hands on a female and if you have a daughter, teach her that its not right to stay in such a relationship and it's ok to walk away.
And anyone who is in an abusive relationship please do yourself a favor and leave before it gets worse. Yes,walk away and find someone that appreciates you. You are better then that.