February 10, 2009

Domestic Violence...

When we hear the stories about domestic violence, we often hear of a woman getting battered by her spouse, a male. This is not true for all stories though, there are men who are getting physically abused as well, whose stories go untold. Abuse is abuse whether it is towards a male or female. Men are just less likely to say something about it for fear of being ridiculed.

I have seen relationships in which the female was physically and emotionally abusive to her spouse. More emotionally than anything but she had her episodes of physical abuse as well. There are some men who were raised never to lay a hand on a woman and so they endure the abuse. Or they may even feel like there actions have left them in such a predicament that they deserve the abuse and just like some women they may be battling some self-esteem issues which lead them to believe they don't deserve any better.

I feel whether it's a female or male abuse is not warranted towards either party. No one has the right to lay hands on you as a form of punishment (except your parents of course). Abuse is just a way of the abuser to gain control of what they feel they have no control over. Unfortunately, the abuser doesn't change. Whatever underlying issues that are causing them to be an abuser must be dealt with in order to rectify the situation, so flowers and cards and beautiful gifts will not change the situation. Whether male or female, the only option is to leave, that person doesn't respect nor love you if they are hurting you.

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